Version 0.2 Release Notes

New in Version 0.2

start() removed

The need for the one time call to start() has been removed. Each call that would have required it being called beforehand now checks and performs the same thing internally if necessary. The optional target directory argument was never used.

Script() added

A new function that allows the contents of an external file to be encapsulated in a function. The result of this function is an object which can be passed around and called later. See the Scripts section for more information.

Alternate call style for eval and exec

eval, exec and Script.exec can be called using a function callback syntax, but if the callback is omitted, the results are returned directly see Eval And Exec for more info.

Added support for Linux binary distributions

Modified the build process to detect the Julia include and lib directories separately allowing for using Julia distributed in the usual Linux way rather than as one directory. This helps with avoiding a Limitation on Linux. Added support for compilation with gcc 4.6.

A coherent type mapping.

Filled in various missing basic type support especially with respect to String and promotion of compatible types as Array elements see Datatype Mapping for more information.