Version 1.2 Release Notes

Support for Windows

Windows is supported. Compilation requirements are the same as required by node-gyp itself. The necessary libraries libjulia.lib and libopenlibm.lib are generated from libjulia.dll and libopenlibm.dll on the fly prior to complication by MSVC. These resulting libraries are placed in the same directory as the source .dlls. See here for further details.

Array Buffer Sharing

When using node 0.12.x and iojs, single dimension arrays are shared between Julia and JavaScript avoiding making copies when passing data back and forth between the 2 languages.

Updated to support Latest Julia 0.4

The latest Julia selects for sys.ji or the dynamic lib analog depending on how it was built, which was causing a crash during initialization. This release detects this and loads the correct system image.


  • Fix for missing nextTick during asynchronous callback