Version 1.1 Release Notes

Struct type Introspection

Added functionality to support struct fields as JavaScript fields. Currently these fields are readonly. See Struct Type Introspection for details, addresses issue 7

Support new Julia svec implementation

Julia parameter passing has been made more efficient but this change is not at all compatible with previous versions. Added tuple vs. svec conditional compilation to support both mechanisms.

Deprecate node 10

Due to incompatibility of node 0.10 and the newest Julia 0.4 on OS/X, it's likely that this incompatibility will persist. Linux still works, however, migration to node 0.12 is suggested.

Minimal support of Any

support for vector of Any only if 0 length.


  • fixed segmentation fault when processing Import of non-exported symbols
  • fixed error when attempting to use 0 length arrays.
  • fixed bug where arguments were concatenated on repeated calls to the same imported function.
  • avoid treating functions as structs: In Julia 0.3, lambda definitions are identified as structs. Avoid exporting as normal.